Midi melodies

MidiMelody.ru offers midi melodies for free download without registration.

The website features midi melodies of more than 6000 artists. On the left side bar is situated an alphabetical index which will help you to find needed artist by initial letter or group’s name.

Besides the alphabetical index, for your convenience, there is also search by group’s or artist’s name. The form for search is situated on the left side bar of the website. By the way, using the search you can search for any information on the site.

Due to the total update of the functionality of the website the new databases have been created. Because of this visitors will not be able to use their login information; it is necessary to register again.

As for the rest all is the same. For all questions, please, send me an e-mail. Email address can be found in Contact Us. Please feel free to post comments, questions and suggestions in the guestbook.